Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2015

"planet home series". aktion flüchlingshilfe

die hamburger von arctic rodeo haben eine ebenso stilsichere wie sinnvolle aktion gestartet. hier die presseinfo des labels: "The feelings we have when seeing these pictures on TV, in the papers and on the internet are hard to put into words. Families who lost everything risk their lives for trying to make their hopes and dreams for a peaceful life come true. These families have been affected by war, terror, torture, violation. They leave everything behind that used to be their home. There is a lot of help and charity going on in our home country Germany and in other countries. But in fact, they way the governments worldwide deal with this tragedy leaves us speechless. It is the civilians and NGOs who organize the help and support these people. The governments of the most prosperous and wealthy countries in the world fail trying to figure out solutions for this refugee crisis that does not only affect us all. Most of the countries of the so called Western World even contributed. Everyone knows that our governments bear a lot of responsibilty for this messed up situation. Take a minute and think who it actually is that drops the bombs and interfered with or even started the conflicts.

Like in every conflict and in every war, the ones who suffer the most are the ones who are the least to blame: The children. We have been dealing with the idea of setting up a charity release for a while, but from the very first moment, we knew we wanted to set something up to help children who have been shocked and traumatized by the horror they had to go through, who have lost their families and all future perspectives.

We are very glad and thankful our friends are supporting our idea by contributing songs to make this beautiful charity release happen. It will include the first two new songs from Ian love (Rival Schools, Die 116, Burn, Cardia, States & Kingdoms) in almost 10 years, and they are absolutely incredible. It will include two cover songs performed by J Robbins (Jawbox, Government Issue, Burning Airlines, Channels, Office Of Future Plans), one from Leatherface and one from Cop Shoot Cop, two of our favorite bands. It will include the first two songs every released physically from the outstanding States & Kingdoms (feat. members of Thursday, Small Brown Bike, Able Baker Fox, Retisonic, Rival Schools), which is really special for us. It will include two brand new killer tracks from Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams), we are super proud of having him in as well.

Besides these artists involved, this project would not be possible without the support of several other people. Our pressing plant helps. Our paper supplier helps. Our art director and graphic desiger helps. Our friends who take care of the screenprint work help. The result of all this is the first part of what we decided to call the PLANET HOME SERIES: a 4x7" set with jackets designed and screenprinted by our friend Alex from Zum Heimathafen, all packed in an exclusive tote bag screenprinted by Holger at Shirtmanufaktur. We hope to be able to release this package in early 2016. The pre-order will be up in a few days.

We won’t accept retailers and stores striving for profit with this release, so this will only be available at our webstore and a few German mailorders who forego making profit with this project. All profit made with this charity compilation will be donated to terre des hommes.

Last but not least, we are hoping for your support as well. If you are interested this project, please help us and spread the word, tell your friends about the PLANET HOME SERIES, share the posts and let everyone know. Let’s do this. Thanks a lot."

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