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comeback kid. interview

Kaum zu glauben, wie sehr ein Kind so alles durcheinanderwirbeln kann. In dem Fall sorgte der wunderbare Wirbel um unsere drei Monate alte Tochter dafür, dass sich das eigentlich schon lange im Kasten befindliche Comeback Kid-Interview in den Weiten der eigenen Festplatte verlor. Nach der berechtigten Nachfrage der Promoagentur, hier nun ein schneller (dafür redaktionell nicht bearbeiteter) Nachtrag...

Comparing the sound of your new album to the previous one, it seems like you decided to not much think about your music but just play straight forward. Is that impression right and how did it come to that?
We never really have a formula when writing records. We basically come up with our ideas song by song and sometimes they are quite simple and other times they may have a slightly more complex nature to them but for a band like up the more straight forward approach is the most natural for us.

What was the effect of Sights & Sounds to the new sound of Comeback Kid? I don't think it really has much of an effect on the band but since Andrew is part of the songwriting process in both bands there may be ideas that can bleed into either band. I know I've heard people say that certain parts of the Sights and Sounds record sounds like it could have been on a Comeback Kid record and vice versa. I think that's quite common though of bands that share members

In how far is “Symptoms & Cures” a statement against the current hardcore sound? I don't think we were trying to make too much of a statement with it. There are a lot of trends in hardcore that come and go but we just focus on writing music that we would want to listen to ourselves. Sometimes we can be influenced by what is going on at the time but more often than not we just write what comes naturally to us rather than being one of those bands that jumps on a different bandwagon every record.

If you had to compare „Symptoms & Cures“ to any other band… what band or which album would that be? That's a tough question. There are a lot of different styles that are blended on the record so I'd have a hard time narrowing it down to one record. There are heavy parts on there that would fall into the Madball/Terror category and there are more melodic elements that could fall into a heavier Rise Against/AFI type of sound.

Some people say that without this special correction on your sound Comeback Kid would no longer exist. Correct? I think the bottomline is this band will always exist as long as we have a passion for this style of music and touring. Every record will always sound different from the last but will always have the hardcore/punk vibe on it. We never want to put the same record out twice and are always exploring things to do musically that make sense for a band like us.

If you had to forecast how many albums in the history ob CBK will follow... what would you say? That is really hard to say but as far as I'm concerned I want to be playing in this band for many years so I hope that we can still be making many more records in the future

What’s your opinion on religious hardcore, especially when those bands are “preaching” to their audience? I have a very open mind when it comes to what bands want to do. Some people like playing music and thrive purely off of that energy. Other bands like to incorporate their beliefs as well and that is totally fine with me. I'm friends with straight edge bands, vegan bands, christian bands and whatnot and always respect people who want to share their views as long as they are not forcing them on people.

If you had to explain somebody not very familiar with your music what separates Comeback Kid from the other bands on Victory Records... what would you say? I think our band would probably fit into the older category of bands that Victory has worked with. In the 90's we listened to bands like Snapcase, Hatebreed, Integrity and so on and I think that sound probably influenced us more that the current sound of bands on the label

(Foto: Pressefreigabe Victory Presscenter)

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