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“I’m never happy”. merauder interview

Merauder sind zurück. mit ihrer neuen platte “God Is I” (regain records/spv)… zu der sich kaum mehr sagen lässt als zu allen kultigen vorgängern (okay, abgesehen vom dämlichen computerspiel-cover in diesem fall). und das ist gut so. wer allerdings tatsächlich denkt, die new yorker metalcore-urgesteine nehmen sich selbst zu ernst, der sollten folgende zeilen im originaltext lessen. frontmann (und einzig verbleibendes originalmitglied) jorge rosado entpuppt sich nämlich als reichlich überdrehter quatschkopf. selbst dann, wenn es um so unschöne themen wie labelstreitereien geht… hier unser interview – original, unzensiert und inklusive sämtlicher großbuchstaben.

what did you do in the meantime while merauder were on hold? in how far did merauder affect your life in the years from 2004 to 2008?

yeah man Im thankful too, but to tell yah the truth we never really left. We’ve always been in the mix maybe not a 100% but we were there. In between all that I worked construction 4 a lil while, got married and had 2 kids. Devin and Dahlia, my son Devin sings forgotten children on the new cd. He sings on the song “forgotten children” on the last part and he was only 3 years old when he did it. Well 2 answer your other question, life was fuckin’ pain before 2004 but after…. I’m still struggling even after the death of original guitarist “SOB” but more on a positive note. Got more things Im doin’ and tryin’ to build up like my company ”POR VIDA” productions which you’ll been seeing soon and my side project the“ BALLBUSTAS”. But my main focus has always been merauder and that’s what I’m trying 2 build and take by force my metalcore throne that merauder created and still rules!! No one can stop us right now no matter how many bands try to keep us down!!!…. Because believe me bro the same people who mention us and talk about how much merauder influenced them and all dat bullshit and cover our songs are the same people not giving us opportunities to get on their tours. Thats how much they love!! but were here and there’s nothing they can do about it…cause I am da MASTER KILLERRRR!!!LOL!

from century media to regain records... are you happy with the "merauder business plan"?

I’m never happy!!lol!!! no seriously its cool but kind of too soon to tell yah how are things with REGAIN, but so far so good!! As for Century Media goes don’t hate them, I’m over that shit and it’s their lost. But I’m hoping to have a good run with REGAIN..i fell we have a lot more to offer after this album, because I still think we haven’t reached our full potential but were workin’ on it.

how do you think the status of merauder changed since your last album?

The same old’ merauder with some new blood but always merauder blood. which you don’t find anywhere. Merauder’s more than just a band, I came from that streets so everything I do or we do has some rules to live by, outside of music…. like a brotherhood. It takes more than just music skills to be in merauder, enuff said. So the attitudes still the same, the music still in the same ol’ merauder sound just more heavier, more metal…more merauder!!!

even though member changes, a turn to more metal and years away from the scene, the new material clearly sounds like merauder from the first second on.

Like I said before it’s that merauder blood. I feel throw out the year we’ve created different type of fans…stronger and more independent then others. Like we have our own army!! So when I steps down another steps up!! Ha!! But really the guys in my band are fans and merauder soldiers and it’s was their time. They got the blood, they know the history and they got the mentally for it!!! Ready to fight!!! But at the same time they are their own person so it helps bring more to the merauder sound without killing our style…plus we’re the kings and creators of this!! Everthing we do is from the heart and for the ones who count the most………my fans!!

since the band split up, metalcore went quite big. what do you expect from "god is i"?

Well I hope it gets the respect it deserves. We put a lot of fucking work into this!! But people will see merauder for more than just a metalcore band…we’re the past,. present and the future..we are ROCK & ROLL!!LOL!! I think” GOD IS I” will bring metal to a other level…it will put balls back into this motherfucker!! Really to much of the same shit going around , time for change!! Time to take by force what’s merauder’s!! let ever one know who’s god!!

do you know any bands from the german metal- and hardcore-scene?
Fuck man!!! there’s a few bands that I can’t remember the names but one I do remember I think is “zero tolerance” (meint er evtl. Zero Mentality???)….sorry for not rem,embering the others…it’s the fuckin’ weed!!!lol!!

is there a real future for merauder or will album and shows be a singular experience?

Longevity never killed us, so nothing will homie!! Merauder is gonna be around long after me…. believe that bro.. Merauder is a family, a gang, it’s a fucking revolution!!! That will never die ………..cause we would let it!!

soviel also von jorge. hinweisen will ich noch auf die klare bolt thrower-note, die den elf tracks anhängt - wie gesagt 100% merauder, aber mit nochmal 10% metalbonus extra obendrauf.
schade eigentlich nur, dass mir die fertige CD erst nach diesem interview vorlag. mich hätte schon interessiert, wie man den kreuzdämlichen Kommentar von drummer bobby in den credits verstehen soll: „support the troops regardless of their order“.
foto: pressefreigabe/sureshotworx

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